Mucha Bachata…

Welcome to Loisaidas – the Urban Bachata duo hailing from (NYC) Manhattan’s Lower East Side, hence the name Loisaidas – which is the Spanish slang term for “lower east siders.”

Songwriter and vocalist Aquiles Nuñez alongside long-time friend Isaiah Parker producer/psyche of the group;work to transform the most popular type of Latin music today – an enticing fusion of Latin tropical and urban sounds resulting in a unique tapestry of Bachata, Jazz, Hip Hop and R&B.

Loisaidas has currently released three singles including, “Ayer”, “Porque Te Amo” and “No Me Dejes”, which enjoyed a 20+ week run on Billboard Latin Tropical Airplay reaching #8, and #2 on New York’s #1 Top Tropical Latin radio station – LaMega 97.9 – while earning more than 1 million views on YouTube.It is no surprise that Loisaidas is generating national excitement for their upcoming debut album to be released under multi-Grammy-award winner Sergio George’s Top Stop Music label.

With a soothing, passionate voice, brilliant and charismatic presence, Loisaidas has earned critical appeal as well as the applause of the public in many prestigious venues and events. They recently performed at Madison Square Garden for DJ Alex Sensation’s 10th Anniversary concert and they have also opened up for Reggaeton sensation Daddy Yankee.

As the Miami Herald has noted, “sooner, rather than later, Loisaidas will prove their power.” And indeed, with their upcoming album this new duo is perfectly poised to revolutionize the urban Bachata genre.

For Bookings please contact:
William Bisono (Manager) 347.992.0610 wbisono@gmail.com

4 Responses

  1. zoila

    Omg I saw them this past Sunday at love nightclub they were awesome they know how to sing they are so cute and sexy I want to see them again

    October 18, 2011 at 1:17 am

  2. carlos more

    hola ..soy carlos de argentina buenos aires .les dejo saludos desde aca .muy buena banda buen sonido.tiene todo lo bueno de una banda unica .sonido y letra buena combinacion .la definicion de musica dice:es el arte de combinar los sonidos ,todo eso tiene loisaidas.!! el año pasado estube emfermo muy mal .y una noche navegando por la red en you tube encontre sus temas …me re gustaron,,,desde ahi empeze devuelta a tocar mi bongo ..y a inspirarme en sus canciones ..en argentina la bachata no suena mucho .pero cuando vienen bandas de afuera la gente llena estadios …espero que vengan .asi los voy a ver ..saludos desde aca buena suerte-..

    December 1, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    • ADMIN

      bonito mensaje carlos.palante!

      December 2, 2011 at 2:58 pm

  3. carlos more

    en you tube tengo un par de videos que grabe tocando el bongo .(canciones de loisaidas)busca loisaidas cover bongoe parte1 .:haa no me maten con las criticas,no soy musico ni bongocero .pero si no escucho musica durante el dia o toco mi bongo parece como si me faltara algo ..por mas que venga cansado del trabajo todos los dia me hago un tiempo para escuchar bachata..y tocar..saludos desde aca argentina -buenos aires .ciudad de maq.savio AGUANTE LA BACHATA :AGUANTE “LOISAIDAS”……..

    December 1, 2011 at 5:53 pm

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